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Stephen Hawking (nato il 8 gennaio1942; età 79) è un noto scienziato. Confinato su una sedia a rotelle dalla atrofia muscolare progressiva, comunica per mezzo di un sintetizzatore vocale. E' famoso per aver formulato numerose teorie riguardo la natura dei buchi neri, lavorando spesso con il collega Kip Thorne. Hawking è l'unica persona ad aver interpretato se stesso in Star Trek, …

" (Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 185)) On a subsequent visit to the set, he passed by actor Brent Spiner and asked where his money was from winning the hand of poker. Spiner replied that the check was in the mail. Hawking was interviewed on 8 April 1993 when he filmed his Trek appearance. My favorite Hawking anecdotes: Hawking went to a tour of the Star Trek set. When they got to engineering, he said this about the warp core engine: "I am going to build that." Later, when he got to the bridge, he asked to be put in the captain's chair. This is a big deal because he never ask to be remove from his wheelchair. Rest in peace, Mr In his foreword to The Physics of Star Trek, Hawking jokingly wrote that after "winning" the holodeck card game, he called Paramount Pictures to try and cash in his chips, "but they didn't know the exchange rate." Mar 14, 2018 Remember that time Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton sat down together for a poker game with an android on Star Trek? Mar 26, 2012 Memorable scene from Star Trek TNG, Season 6, Episode 26 The Descent (part 1). Lieutenant Commander Data is playing Poker with the most  Mar 13, 2018 is saddened to report the passing of Dr. Stephen Sir Isaac Newton, Hawking and Data's holographic poker oponent, held the 


The opening scene from the episode: "Descent, Part 1" where Data plays poker with Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. is saddened to report the passing of Dr. Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s greatest scientific minds and, yes, a Star Trek guest star who appeared as himself in the “Descent, Part 1” episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.According to his family

Today in TV History: Stephen Hawking Plays Himself on Star Trek. On the Season 6 finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1993, Starfleet Lieutenant Commander Data (Brent Spiner) played poker

Mar 14, 2018 The "Star Trek" episode featured a scene in which the character Data, back to the camera, plays a poker game with a group of famous  Apr 23, 2009 of a poker game between himself, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. In one novel (Star Trek – the Big Game) based on the  Mar 14, 2018 appearance on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Stephen Hawking Hawking appeared as himself, playing in a holographic poker game  Apr 5, 2018 British theoretical physicist, Stephen William Hawking, passed appeared in shows such as Futurama, The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, and the Simpsons. Hawking played a game of poker with Albert Einstein and Sir. 14 maart 2018 Stephen Hawking schrok er niet voor terug om af en toe te acteren. Zo passeerde de man onder meer de revue in Star Trek en The Zes jaar eerder, in 1993, zat Hawking met serieuzere mensen rond de (poker)tafel. In Star

Der Artikel über den Schauspieler ist unter Stephen Hawking (Schauspieler) zu finden. Stephen Hawking ist ein bedeutender Wissenschaftler des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts. 2369 veranstaltet Data Pokerrunden auf dem Holodeck mit Stephen Hawking und zwei

Try Star Trek: Discovery Toggle navigation The ground-breaking physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking, and likewise a champion of the rights and potential of those with disabilities everywhere, created his own path to an appearance on TNG by … Late scientist Stephen Hawking punched out Bart Simpson's principal and played his own hologram on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Gael Fashingbauer Cooper March 13, … Mesmo com a grave doença, Hawking desafiou a medicina para se tornar um dos maiores cientistas do mundo. Muitos não sabem, mas o físico teórico participou de um episódio de Star Trek em que jogou o famoso 5-Card Draw, o poker fechado. Ele dividiu a Ci troviamo in Star Trek: The Next Generation, una delle molteplici serie tv affiliate al franchise andata in onda dal 1987 al 1994.Stephen Hawking appare, nel ruolo di se stesso, nel 26esimo episodio della sesta stagione, “Il ritorno dei Borg“.Nella suddetta puntata, il Tenente Comandante Data crea una versione olografica di Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein e Stephen Hawking allo … 2018/3/14 2018/3/15

Physicist and Trek fan Stephen Hawking has a cameo, appearing in Data's poker game intro. Admiral Nechayev chews out Picard for not using Hugh to destroy 

Meanwhile the cheerful 24th century Star of the Starship Enterprise-D, Stephen Hawking beat them all telling Albert that he was wrong again! So much for Einsteins analytical prowess, he couldn't beat Stephen! (Star Trek Encyclopedia) On a subsequent visit to the set, he passed by actor Brent Spiner and asked where his money was from winning the hand of poker. Spiner replied that the check was in the mail. Hawking was interviewed on 8 April 1993 when he filmed his Trek appearance. Data playing poker with Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking In 2369 , Lieutenant Commander Data also created a holodeck version of Albert Einstein, as well as Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking , in order to watch how three of the greatest Human scientists would interact during a game of poker . It’s the opening scene from the Star Trek: Next Generation episode: “Descent, Part 1” where Data plays poker with Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein. It’s a fun clip. Newton gets a bit snippy and Einstein tries to cheat with some soft math but … Mar 15, 2018 · March 15, 2018. 15. In honor of the late, great Stephen Hawking, here's a clip of his cameo from the Star Trek: The Next Generation season six episode 'Descent, Part 1', playing poker with Data and Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein (it's actually Data playing with holodeck simulations of the three). They discuss the curvature of space-time and Newton's apple story while Data and Isaac fold, then Hawking smokes Einstein (who was convinced he was bluffing) with four-of-a-kind, much to Albert's